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Reinforced slot monolith drainage systems

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CE designation- Standard PN-EN 1433:2005
Declaration of Conformity
Hygienic Certificate HK/B/0786/01/2011
Catalogue No B.I.

Position: B
B.I.Part No.Channels AS-150Width mmHeight mmLength mmWeight kgCast iron grates
B.I.1. 1.07.1 with no slope 242 340 665 66.7  
B.I.2. 1.1 with no slope 242 300 665 62.8  
B.I.3. 10.1 with no slope 242 260 665 55.5  
B.I.4. 2.1 with no slope 242 220 665 49.3  
B.I.5. 1.07.1A connecting No. 1.07.1 with No. 1.1 242 340 665 67.0  
B.I.6. 1.1A connecting No. 1.1 with No. 10.1 242 300 665 63.1  
B.I.7. 10.1A connecting No. 10.1 with No. 2.1 242 260 665 55.8  
B.I.8. upper part of a basin 242 340 665 50.5 C 250 - 8.0 kg
B.I.9. 0.1.1 upper part of a basin 242 300 665 46.6 D 400 - 9.4 kg
B.I.10. 0.10.1 upper part of a basin 242 260 665 39.3 E 600 - 10.2 kg
B.I.11. 0.2.1 upper part of a basin 242 220 665 33.1 F 900 - 12.6 kg
B.I.12.   cover with an outlet pipe to the No. 1.07.1 242 340   5.2  
B.I.13.   cover with an outlet pipe to the No. 1.1 242 300   4.8  
B.I.14.   cover with an outlet pipe to the No. 10.1 242 260   4.4  
B.I.15.   cover with an outlet pipe to the No. 2.1 242 220   4.0  
B.I.16.   blind cover to No. 1.07.1 242 340   7.2  
B.I.17.   blind cover to No. 1.1 242 300   6.8  
B.I.18.   blind cover to No. 10.1 242 260   6.4  
B.I.19.   blind cover to No. 2.1 242 220   6.0  


B.III.Part No.BASIN ELEMENTSWidth mmHeight mmLength mmWeight kg
B.III.1. A transient element without outlet 242 320 680 53.7
B.III.2. A transient element with front outlet 242 320 680 52.2
B.III.3. A transient element with front outlet 242 320 680 52.2
B.III.4. B element with bottom without outlet 242 330 680 66.4
B.III.5. B element with bottom with side outlet 242 330 680 64.9
B.III.6. B element with bottom with front outlet 242 330 680 64.9
B.III.7.   dirt bucket  130 250  400 3.5
  • 1. Intended use – place of application

    draining roads, streets, garages, car parks, entrances, petrol stations, car washes, etc.

  • 2. Technological capabilities
    • parts with no internal slope
    • possibility to connect parts at some angle and to make cascade connections
    • basins with thrash boxes, covers with a stub pipe, blanking-off covers,
    • bodies with holes in the bottom or in the side walls – to drain water
    • marking and numbering facilitates to assemble the parts into appropriate systems 
  • 3. Technical information


    • length: 665 mm
    • external width: 242 mm
    • internal width: 152 mm
    • heights: 340; 300; 260; 220 mm

    THE CHANNEL BODY is made of concrete in the C55/67 strength class with polymer additives and reinforced with alcali – resistant glass fibre. This concrete improves the properties of the channel and makes it more resistant to bending and hitting. This concrete is also resistant as well as to long – lasting exposure to frost and defrosting salts (“+R").

    THE BODY WALLS are protected with a coloured impregnation which limits water vaporization at the concrete curing time and protects the channel against environmental aggressiveness. The impregnation increases also adhesiveness of the external wall to the concrete housing. Applying the coloured impregnation makes it easier to control if protection has been made correctly. The channel bodies are finished with “male” and “female” cut outs enabling to provide tight connection of AS drainage system elements.

    SUPPORTING SLATS are made of hot-dip galvanized rolled steel and are fixed to the body walls. These slats protect the channel edges and constitute solid element to fasten the grates.

    GRATES – made of cast iron – painted or coated with KTL - in the classes from C250 kN to F900 kN.

    GRATE FIXING – with stainless bolts, screwed into galvanized , threaded seats made in the supporting slats. The fixing seats are through – adapted for cleaning.

    SETTING THE CHANNELS – on a concrete strip footing with a lateral concrete encasement.

    CONNECTING CHANNELS – applying frost and water resistant mortars.

  • 4. Quality, workmanship precision, and others

    This very simple and safe to install and apply product, entirely fabricated of Polish materials by a domestic company is of very high quality.

    The top product quality is assured by AS PPH A. Sobiesiak due to applying "High Strength Concrete" and materials protected permanently against corrosion.

    The guarantee of the top quality is the ISO 9001:2008 certificate, too.

  • 5. Safety

    Applying AS drainage system does not cause any safety risk when installing it, however the general regulations of occupational safety and health for Construction and Installation works should be followed. Due to a solid grate fastening, the AS drainage systems are absolutely safe when utilizing the pavement.

    Drainage of the pavement with the AS system and with simultaneous observance of the designing guidelines and installation instructions will enable to avoid troublesome breakdowns and a building degrading, and the maintenance will be limited to cleaning the channels once a year.