AS linear drains with a cast iron grate with internal dimensions of 100, 150, 200, 300 and 400 mm, which you can find in our offer, are intended for linear drainage of roads, streets, maneuvering yards, parking lots, etc.

Our linear drains are distinguished by the highest quality.
The body of the channels is made of polymer-cement concrete in the C55/67 class and reinforced with alkali-resistant glass fiber, which improves the bending and impact properties of concrete. The frames are made of hot-rolled, hot-dip galvanized profiles, anchored in the walls of the drainage body, significantly improving the strength parameters in relation to cast iron strips and other strips made of, for example, thin cold-formed sheets.

The grates are made of nodular cast iron, class B125 kN to F900 kN and are screwed with high-strength stainless steel bolts.

Our offer includes elements with an internal decline of 0.6%, 3.2% and elements without an internal decline. It is possible to connect elements by means of cascades in order to obtain a slope, increase speed and extend the lines. AS channels can be joined at an angle. Our elements have water drainage openings equipped with PVC sockets with gaskets in the bottom or side walls. The elements of AS linear drains are connected with the use of "female and male" seams. This solution allows for a tight connection with frost-resistant and waterproof mortars.

An additional advantage is the marking and numbering of the trays, which allows easy assembly of elements in appropriate systems. The advantage of the system is the resistance of concrete to long-term effects of frost and defrosting salts ("+ R") in accordance with PN-EN 1433 and the chemical resistance of concrete, including oil derivatives, in accordance with PN-EN 858-1:2005.
If you decide to use linear drains with a grate, it is worth paying attention not only to their appearance, but also to their dimensions and functionality. A wide selection of products available from AS will give you great freedom in arranging the space of squares, parking lots, etc.