Awards and distinctions.

Marka Uznana na Polskim Rynku
Orły branży budowlanej 2021
Certyfikat Instytutu Badań Konsumenta
Certificate of the Consumer Research Institute Trustworthy Enterprise is a program of the Consumer Research Institute addressed to every entrepreneur who is guided in his activity by the good of the employee and client and provides services at the highest level.
Międzynarodowe Forum Tunelowe
International Tunnel Forum AS PPH Company as a participant of the Tunnel Forum. It has already become a tradition that the series of conferences of the Polish Road Congress begins each year with a Forum devoted to the construction and operation of tunnels. After two editions of the Polish Tunnel Forum, in 2021 the event has a new name - the 3rd International Tunnel Forum. This emphasizes its scope, presenting the experiences of different countries and the group of participants that is growing every year. The position of the Tunnel Forum is confirmed by its patronage by the International Tunnel and Underground Association ITA-AITES. The honorary patronage was also taken by the General Director of National Roads and Motorways.
Konsumencki Laur Zaufania
Consumer Laurel of Trust "Aware of the multitude of opinions available on the Internet and their different credibility, a unique award for entities enjoying the highest consumer trust was introduced on the Polish market. Granted on the recommendation of the clients themselves, it is a particularly honorable distinction for Polish enterprises and public entities - it is an honorary confirmation of this, that they met their expectations in terms of the quality of products and services or in relation to the applied standards of customer service. "
Orły Branży Budowlanej 2020
Eagles of the Construction Industry 2020 We are pleased to announce that the company AS PPH in the third edition of the Orły Plebiscite received the laureate status in the Eagles of the Construction Industry 2020 list.
Rzetelna Firma
Reliable company (Rzetelna Firma) AS PPH is the winner of another award! On December 15, we received the Golden Certificate of Payment Reliability awarded to participants of the Rzetelna Firma program. Unfortunately, due to this year's unusual circumstances, we were unable to attend the awards gala in person.
INSTALLATION SYSTEM 2015 In 2016, AS PPH won the 10th edition of the magazine's plebiscite - INSTALLATION SYSTEMS in the "Sewerage" category. Readers of SYSTEMY INSTALACYJNE magazine chose the best installation products of the year in 9 categories, where 59 products competed. The editorial staff received a total of 5,031 votes for 1 388 competition cards. The product exhibited by our company in the competition was the AS-IIS250 Monolithic Slot Drainage, which received over 50% of the votes of the magazine readers.
 Firma Godna Zaufania 2015
The Trustworthy Company certificate 2015 A certificate granted for an unblemished reputation, ethics in conducting business activities, and a reliable approach to obligations towards clients and contractors. The Trustworthy Company certificate is awarded to entrepreneurs who have an impeccable reputation among customers and contractors. The certification process is based on an innovative method of determining the opinion and trust index using modern information technologies.
 Europrodukt 2011
Europroduct 2011 The AS PPH company received the 2011 Europrodukt award In the ‘Product’ category for its linear drainage systems. The main aim of the Europrodukt contest is to promote Polish exports and to raise the profile of Polish enterprises on European markets. The Europrodukt award is granted to products that can compete in terms of high quality and modern technology with those manufactured by other European producers. The contest is supported by the Ministry of the Economy and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.
 Złoty Instalator 2010
Golden Installer 2010 In 2011 the Polish Corporation of Sanitary Heating, Gas and Air-Conditioning Techniques and the publishers of “Polski Instalator” monthly awarded AS PPH the title of Golden Installer in the 2010 Golden Installer for Top Enterprises competition. The reason for granting this prestigious distinction was developing and implementing the production of AS linear drainage systems using company’s own modern technology.
Przedsiębiorstwo Fair Play
Fair Play Enterprise The Chapter of the Fair Play Enterprise contest awarded the AS PPH company the 2010 Fair Play Enterprise Certificate. The company successfully completed the verification procedure it applied for, whose aim was to confirm the company’s ethics and honesty in business activities. The partners of the programme include The Polish Chamber of Commerce.
 Euro Certyfikat
Eurocertyfikat (Eurocertificate) The AS PPH company, a Polish producer of linear and point drainage systems, was awarded the 2010 Eurocertificate in the Product/Service Quality category. Eurocertificate is a European distinction granted to enterprises that made their mark on the market and win a competitive advantage by providing products of highest quality that conform with EU’s strict requirements. The award confirms the Chapter’s high recognition for the company’s achievements and activities aimed at creating and improving the product quality which renders it possible for the company to compete on European markets.
 Teraz Polska
Teraz Polska (Poland:Now) The Polish Promotional Programme Foundation granted the AS PPH company and its owner, Andrzej Zygmunt Sobiesiak, a nomination for the Poland:Now Emblem in the 20th Contest for Top Producers and Services. The high evaluation by the panel of experts and the nomination granted confirm that the company’s product met all the requirements of the Poland:Now contest.
 Wyróżnienie -
Award - "Koneckie Zakłady Odlewnicze" In 2007, the company AS PPH was awarded by Koneckie Zakłady Odlewnicze with the title of the Largest Recipient of Products for Linear Drainage. The cooperation between our companies has been going on for over 20 years to the satisfaction of both parties.