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SEWER INLET DIMENSIONS 400x600 mm class D 400 kN

PN-EN 124:2000
Declaration of Conformity
Catalogue No W.II.

Position: W
SEWER INLET - 400x600 mm
W.II.AS-WU 400/600Width mmLength mmHeight mmWeight kgInlet surface (cm2)Strenght
W.II.1 collar with a hinge 420 620 115  45 1302 D 400 kN
  • 1. Intended use – place of application

    draining roads, streets, garages, car parks, entrances, petrol stations, car washes, etc.

  • 2. Technological capabilities


    • length:  620 mm
    • external width:  420 mm
    • height: 115 mm

    Material - spheroidal cast iron.

    Grate – reclining by means of a stainless hinge, fixed with stainless bolt.

    Supporting collar – to set by a kerb.

  • 3. Technical information

    Adapted for fixing on concrete pipes fi 500mm .

  • 4. Quality, workmanship precision, and others

    This very simple and safe to install and apply product, entirely fabricated of Polish materials by a domestic company is of very high quality.

    The top quality product  is assured by AS PPH A. Sobiesiak due to applying spheroidal cast iron and materials protected permanently against corrosion.

    The guarantee of the top quality is the ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

  • 5. Safety
    Applying of AS sewer inlet does not cause any safety risk when installing it, however the general regulations of occupational safety and health for Construction and Installation works should be followed. Due to a solid grate fastening, AS sewer inlet is absolutely safe when utilizing the pavement.